Green Growth: Scaling Up Sustainable Forestry for Rural Development

World Bank / Finnish Government


‘Green Growth’ is a cinematic documentary about sustainable forestry in Laos and the communities most threatened by the rapid decline of forest cover.

The Lao forestry sector is a topic which attracts huge international-attention. In Laos, 80% of the population continue to live in rural areas, with many relying on forestry for their livelihoods. Degradation and illegal logging, among other issues, continue to prevail throughout Laos, impacting the lives of remote villagers.


“It manages at once to tie together all of the complex components of the project, and to truly capture the diverse and individual voices in a visually stunning, informative and entertaining development film!”

 Esa Puustjarvi. Chief Technical Advisor, SUFORD Project

The ‘SUFORD-SU’ project contracted Chorus to make a documentary about the situations preventing sustainability, whilst capturing and presenting the rural Lao and ethnic communities and their somewhat complex relationship with the forests.

The project used the film to build awareness and advocate at central and local level, as well as international forestry platforms. It has been shown at the 2016 FIP Pilot Country Meeting in Oaxaca, Mexico, and the ASEAN Senior Official Meeting in Vientiane, in July 2016.

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