From Ripples to Waves – Scaling Up Community Radio in Lao PDR



‘From Ripples to Waves’ is a cinematic documentary on one of the biggest success stories in Lao development.

Community-run radio broadcasts reach up to 300,000 people in remote areas across Laos, providing them with the latest news, health advice, community discussion and entertainment.


“With ‘From Ripples…’, UNDP has been able to convey its message in an enjoyable, impactful way. Human faces paired with a carefully crafted storyline bring our story to life, and the stunning imagery creates a beautiful film that everyone will be happy to watch one more time.” 

Ildiko Hamos-Sohlo. Communications Specialist, UNDP Lao PDR

With the programme in need of further partnerships, Chorus were asked to produce a film to capture the impacts at community-level, documenting both villagers and station volunteers. The film supported the programme to secure new and existing stakeholders to a new phase, and continue to give a voice to the communities of rural Laos.

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